Meet Gamejanken’s Blockchain-based Ecosystem Network MOOI Network

Meet Gamejanken’s Blockchain-based Ecosystem Network MOOI Network

Cocone Corporation, Janken brings you Rock Paper Scissors along with other online players on Android and iOS.

This free NFT game is presented as a blockchain-based game with the MOOI network economy. So what is a MOOI network?

Janken itself is built on the MOOI Network ecosystem, a blockchain network built by Post Voyager, a subsidiary of Cocone Corporation.

The Japanese game publisher explained in an official statement on Tuesday (2022.12.27) that MOOI Network uses an intuitive UI and user experience design and has low transaction fees.

Additionally, the MOOI network claims to be extremely fast and blockchain-friendly to make it easier for players to enjoy the service.

The same group of companies will prepare NFTs and services for tokens will come to the GameFi project’s MOOI platform, which will start on Janken.

The goal is to develop Janken as a blockchain project with millions of players worldwide.

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The MOOI network plays an important role as a Janken game, i.e. in-game ecosystem network. By connecting Janken and the MOOI network, players can buy or sell Janken Gold Token (JGT) and J-Card.

To connect Janken with the MOOI network, players will need a Janken account and the MOOI Wallet app.

To obtain a MOOI wallet, players can obtain it through the Klaytn network and the Polygon network.

Players who own MOOI and Janken accounts and MOOI wallets can already exchange JGT and MOOI through the Klaytn network and Polygon network.

JGT is a token that can be used on Janken from power up to card optimization to exchange with MOOI and vice versa.

Zanken is a game that uses your fingers called Rock Paper Scissors.

This simple game is frequently played by many people around the world and currently exists as a blockchain-based game on the MOOI network by Post Voyager.

Winning games to earn tokens, the game introduces many new gameplay elements that make playing Rock Paper Scissors even more fun.

Includes rendered designs for cards filled with game-specific decorations, music that plays during matches, and various effects that add tension as you play through each round.

Anyone from all over the world, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy Zanken.

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