The Hackers Claim To Have Data On 400 Million Twitter Users And Demand A Ransom Of IDR 31 Billion

The Hackers Claim To Have Data On 400 Million Twitter Users And Demand A Ransom Of IDR 31 Billion

The data of hundreds of Twitter users was reportedly leaked. This information came after an account named Ryushi claimed to have taken personal data from over 400 million Twitter users, including emails and phone numbers associated with the accounts.

In a post on Telegram, Liu Xi also demanded a ransom on Twitter. The account requires a ransom of US$ 200,000 or approximately Rs 3.1 billion so that the data can be returned to Twitter.

According to the account, the ransom is far less than the fine that Twitter could face if Twitter were later penalized for violating EU or GDPR personal data protection regulations as a result of the incident.

The account told, “If Twitter or Elon Musk are reading this, they’re already threatened with GDPR fines for 5.4 million violations. Imagine fines for 400 million data breaches.” said. .au, Wednesday (28 December 2022).

The account also compared Facebook, which had to pay a $276 million fine for leaking the data of about 533 million users.

Israeli cybersecurity agency Hudson Rock, who first became aware of the information, said the threat appeared credible. This is because Ryushi owns several samples of Twitter user data.

The sample data shared consisted of approximately 37 public figures, including politicians, journalists, businesses, and government agencies. These include Donald Trump Jr., Piers Morgan, and American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

After exposing public data from 37 people, the account also shared data samples from around 1,000 Twitter accounts. Shared data includes name, user name, number of users, and creation date.

It also includes personal information such as email address and phone number associated with your account. However, the possibility of password leakage has not yet been confirmed.

The hacker said the data was obtained in early 2022, when a vulnerability was discovered in the Twitter API. The assertion itself is consistent with reports earlier this year that about 5.4 million accounts in the US and Europe were compromised due to API security flaws.

When contacted by BleepingComputer, the hacker said they had reached out to Twitter about the matter, but the company has not yet responded.

Meanwhile, Twitter has updated its help center page for customers by adding information about the video upload feature.

Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload 60-minute or 1-hour videos at 1080p resolution and 2GB file size.

Previously, customers could only upload a 10-minute 1080p video and a 512MB file to the platform.

Saturday (2022.12.24), quoted from the Twitter Help Center page, 1-hour videos can only be uploaded via the web.

Meanwhile, publishing via Android or iOS devices is still limited to 10 minutes.

Users who have not signed up for Twitter Blue can only upload 4-minute videos across all platforms.

Twitter said it is considering changing the quality of the videos it distributes.

However, there are a few things to note. One of them has to do with hacking.

Users can post entire movies or episodes of TV shows, and administrators of the platform owned by Elon Musk have to monitor and remove them quickly.

When Twitter’s copyright system briefly stopped working last month, users uploaded entire movies in smaller chunks.

A new 60-minute video limit makes it easier for criminals to post someone else’s work.

There was also a question about monetizing videos, YouTube shows a lot of ads on long-form videos, but it’s unclear if Twitter is planning to do something similar.

In addition, Twitter has officially announced that from now on users will be able to see the number of views or the number of times a Tweet or Tweets have been viewed by other users.

As of Friday, December 23, 2022 (December 23, 2022), views based on monitoring by Tekno are already visible through the Twitter for Android app. This feature has also been released for iOS and will be rolling out to the web soon.

“Replies and likes don’t tell the whole story,” tweeted the Twitter account Support @ TwitterSupport.

“We’ve added views, which appear right next to likes, so you can *just** easily see how many people have seen your Tweets,” they said.

However, there are Tweets that don’t display views with a bar graph symbol.

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